Merci Mint, LLC

Merci Mint, LLC is a money management company that manages financial affairs of clients.  We provide day-to-day services ranging from creating personal budgets, balancing checkbooks, handling bill payments for young adults, busy professionals and parents, also individuals incapable of managing finances due medical reasons as well as elderly clients.


We aim to help our clients achieve financial independence by adhering to personal budgets through cash management and financial awareness.  We offer a range of services to help clients understand and obtain financial health and freedom through knowledge and technique.  


We provide the jump start you may need to tackle overdue and upcoming bills, pay debt down, and increase savings.  Our services are offered remotely so we can consult with clients at their convenience.

  • Bill Payment​

  • Daily Cash Management

  • Debt Management

  • Financial Literacy 101

  • Personal Budget 

  • Personal Coaching