Bill Payment


Bill payment is a service where we review and pay your bills each month allowing you the peace of mind knowing your bills are being paid accurately and on-time.

All bills that are submitted to pay on your behalf are monitored against your budget to ensure there are no issues with overpayment.

This recurring service provides our clients freedom to manage other areas of their lives knowing their bills are taken care of by utilizing our expertise and proficiency!

Cash Flow Management 


By providing a weekly to-do list, we completely take the guess work out by carrying the burden of your personal money management on a weekly basis.


Our blueprint guides you through balancing your available cash on hand against your budgeted financial obligations, which tells you exactly what to pay and when.

Daily Cash Management also provides our clients the option to have their checkbooks balanced regularly.

Debt Management    


Debt Management is the key to financial independence by strategically handling debt better.  


We will help clients manage debt by working with them to learn to live on a budget.
Debt management sessions would be utilized to identify ways to decrease debt, high interest rates and to alleviate the needs to obtain more debt in order to avoid repeating the vicious cycle.

Financial Literacy 101


By understanding money, financial literacy, you can make a significance difference in your life.  Financial literacy can be liberating while encouraging confident decision making by changing financial behavior.
We can help our clients achieve this by helping them to adopt money management processes, which enables them to achieve their financial goals when responding to their economic circumstances.

Financial Literacy sessions can cover topics related to Banking 101, debt to income ratios and any topic clients require deeper insight into.

Budget Creation           


Having a personal budget based on your income and revenue is another tool used to manage personal debt.


An annual personal budget would be created to be utilized by you to have a visual of where funds are being spent.
We would use all wages and income to create a budget to guide you through payment of recurring expenses, discretionary spending and one-time or future expenses.  

Personal Coaching       


We are able to consult with you via FaceTime, Zoom, telephone or email all at your convenience.

Coaching session can be used to review financial targets, priorities, answer questions or discuss financial concerns specific to you.