Keisha Miller - CEO

Hello!  I am Keisha Miller the CEO of Merci Mint, LLC.  I am a graduate of Temple University where I received a Bachelors in Finance.  I then obtained my MBA from Empire State College, as well as an advanced certificate in Financial Management and Analysis.  I am also a certified member of the American Association for Daily Money Managers.

I have always had a niche for numbers and have been using a written budget since having my first job.  My budget helped me pay off my first car early and it also helped​ me practice discipline while being aware of where I was spending my money.


My budgets have evolved over the years becoming longer and more precise.  Over time I made adjustments based on income, expenses and frequency of bills.  I created a very, very detailed budget by not leaving out any miscellaneous occurrences such as oil changes, birthdays and once a year expenses such as life insurance or inspections.  


All of these can be stumbling blocks for households regardless of how small the amount if it is not accounted or planned for.  Using a budget enabled me to reduce debt and unnecessary spending in order to become more financially stable.  

Learning techniques through trial and error, different professions and education allows me to help family and friends to navigate the trenches of debt in order to successfully achieve their financial goals.  I look forward to doing the same for you!


Our mission is to provide tools to help pay down debt and navigate your personal finances while offering hands-on support and encouragement.